Indian Baby Boy Names

Indian Baby Boy Names with Wonderful Meanings

AshutoshOne Who Becomes Happy Easily, Shiva
Ashvin A Hindu month; Medical God; One who owns horses, A Cavalier
AshwathA Tree
Ashwathama / AshwatthamaEver Living, Powerful as a horse, one who controls horses, Sun Of Drona
AshwinA Star
AsijaGreat Sage, Brother Of Brihaspati
AskhaMore Liberal
AsumanLord Of Vital Breaths
AswadIslamic Name (Black Stone) In Moka
AtalStable, Unavoidable, Determined
AtharvaName of Ganesh; Among the four Vedas
Atharvan / AthervanKnow-er Of The Atharva Veda
AthulyaUnequaled, Unrivaled, Immeasurable, Unique
AtinThe Great One
AtmajyotiLight Of Soul (Atma)
AtmanThe Self
AtulMatchless, Unique
AtulyaUnique, Incomparable
AvadhootGod Dattatreya
AvalokOne Who Beholds
AvanindraKing Of The Earth
AvanishGod Of The Earth
AviThe Sun and Air
AvijitInvincible, One who can not be defeated
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