Indian Baby Boy Names

Indian Baby Boy Names with Wonderful Meanings

RigvedFirst Veda
RikinGlory, Love
RiniLittle bunny
RipudamanOne Who Defeats His Enemies
RishaanA Good Human Being
Rishab / RishabhThe Musical Note Re,Morality Moral
RishiSage, Ray Of Light,A Sage
RishitThe Best
RishvanjasLord Indra
RiteshLord Of Truth
RithishLord of Truth
RithwikSaint, most intelligent one on earth
RitiMotion, Wealth; protection
RitishKing of the World; Lord of Truth / Love
Ritujeet / RutujitConquerer Of Seasons
RitulPurity; Truth; Talented
RiturajKing Of The Seasons
RitvikScholar; Head Of The Vedas
Rivanambitious, self-sufficient
RochanRed Lotus, Bright
RohanClimbing Or Ascending Something, Developing, Increasing
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