Indian Baby Boy Names

Indian Baby Boy Names with Wonderful Meanings

ManjeetConqueror Of Mind
ManjughoshSweet Sounding Recitation
ManjunathKing Of Heart
ManmohanOne Who Attracts Mind
ManoharOne Who Wins Over Mind, Attractive
ManojBorn Of Mind, Kamdev
ManoranjanOne Who Pleases The Mind
ManpalA Person who Respect Others
ManprasadGift of the mind, Mentally Calm & Cool Person
MansukhPleasure Of Mind
ManthanReflection Through Study, Contemplation
ManuFounder / Father Of Human Beings
ManvikHuman Kind, Humanity
ManvirBrave from the mind
ManvitHuman; Lord Shiva; Lord Legend, Thoughtful
MareechiRay Of Light, Also Name Of A Constellation
MarkandeyaA Sage
MarudevaLord Of The Desert
MarutiHanuman, Bhimsen
MatangaA Sage, Advisor To Devi Lalita
MatheyshLord Shiva
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