Indian Baby Boy Names

Indian Baby Boy Names with Wonderful Meanings

DevinResembling a god
DeviprasadGift Of A Goddess
DevkinandanSon Of Devki - (Lord Krishna)
DevkumarSon of God
DevrajKing Of Gods ( Lord Indra)
Deyaan / DhyanConcentration
DhananadPleasure Of Having Wealth
DhananjayOne Who Wins Wealth, Lord Arjun, Lord Vishnu
DhanarajKing Of Wealth ( Kuber )
DhaneshLord Of Wealth ( Kuber, Vishnu )
DhanuMan Of Wealth
DhanvantariDoctor Of Gods
DhanvinHindu Lord Shiva
DhareshKing, Lord Of Land
DharmaLaw ( Religious)
DharmadevLord Of Law
DharmakeertiFame of religion
DharmaviraReligious Warrior
DharmendraKing Of Religion
DharmeshMaster Of Religion
DharunaA Rishi
DhatriA Son Of Vishnu, Lakshmi
DhavalFair Complexioned
DhirenOne Who Is Strong, Powerful
DhirendraLord Of The Brave
Dhiwyannshu / DivyanshuDivine light or Sun
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