Indian Baby Boy Names

Indian Baby Boy Names with Wonderful Meanings

ChapalAgile, Intelligent, Clever
CharandasServant At The Feet Of God
Charanjit / CharanjeetOne Who Has Won Over The Lord
CharuduttaBorn Of Beauty
ChaturananOne With Four Heads I.E. Lord Bramha
ChaturvediOne Who Knows All The 4 Vedas
ChetanLife, Living Creature
ChetasMind, heart
ChhailbehariLord Krishna
ChidambarOne Whose Heart Is As Grand As The Sky
ChidambaramLord Siva's Temple
ChidanandLord Bramha
ChidhatmaBig Soul
ChikkuSweet; Fruit
ChinarName Of A Beautiful Tree
ChinmayFull Of Knowledge, Happiness
ChintamaniPhilosopher's Stone, A Wishing Stone ( Gem )
ChintavThinker, Hindu Boy
ChintuCute, A Hindu Boy Name
ChiragLamp, Light, Brilliance
Chiranjeet / ChirayuImmortal
Chiranjeev / ChiranjivLong Lived, Immortal
ChirayuLong Lived One
ChitheshLord of the Soul
ChitraguptaLord Yama's Helper Who Is Records All Deeds
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