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LaileshLord Shiva
LakshmanBrother Of Lord Rama, Prosperous
LakshmigopalLord vishnu
LakshmikantHusband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu), Or A Rich Person
LakshminarayanLakshmi And Lord Vishnu Together
LakshminathLord Vishnu
LakshmipatiHusband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu)
LakshmiramanLord Vishnu
LalchandRed Moon
LalitadityaA Beautiful Sun
LalitchandraA Beautiful Moon
LaliteshGod Of Beauty, Husband Of A Beautiful Wife
LalitlochanOne With Beautiful Eyes
LalitmohanBeautiful & Attractive
LekhDocument, Writings
LikeshA name of Lord Shiva
LochanBright eyes
LohitRed, Made Of Copper, Mars, Bramhaputra River
LohitashwaOne With Red Horse ( Lord Shiva ), Fire
LohithBeautiful; Lord Shiva
LokbhushanOrnament Of The World
LokeshKing Of World, Lord Bramha, Lord Indra
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