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JagadeepLight Of The World
JagadeeshLord Of The World, Lord Vishnu , God
JagadevLord of the world
JagadishLord of the universe
JagajeetConquerer Of The World
JagajeevanLife Of The World, Worldly Life
JagamohanOne Who Attracts The World ( Jagatmohan )
JaganAnother name of Lord Vishnu, Place, Land, Location
JaganarayanGod Of The World ( Jagatnarayan )
JagannathLord Of The World
JapenduLord Shiva
JagatbehariWorld Traveler ( Jagvihari )
JagatkishorWorld Child
JagatpalCaretaker Of The World ( God ), Lord Vishnu
JagatprabhuGod Of The World
JagatprakashLight Of The World
JagatpranaBreath of the universe
Jagatveer / JagveerBravest In The World
JaichandVictory of the moon
JaideepVictory to the light
JaidevGod Of Victory
JaikirtiGlory of victory
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