Boy I

IleshLord Of Earth
InaLord Surya
IndeeverA Blue Lotus
IndireshAnother name for Lord Vishnu
IndraKing Of Gods, Most Strong,God Of Rain And Thunder
IndraduttGift Of Lord Indra
IndrajitConquerer Of Lord Indra ( Meghnad)
IndraneelEmerald, A Gem
IndraneelaLord Ganesha name as per the Ganesh Sahastra Namavali
IndranilAnother name for lord Shiva
IndubhushanMoon, Shiva
IndujMercury ( Planet )
IndushekharLord Shiva
IneshKing Of Kings
IravanSon Of Arjuna/Uloopi
IreshLord Of Earth, Vishnu
IshaOne Who Protects Hindu Boy
IshanSun, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
IshanaAnother Name For Lord Vishnu
IshirAnother Name For Agni
IshpreetLover Of God
IshranthFull of strength
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