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GaangeyName of Bhishma
GadaadharName of lord Vishnu
GaganThe Sky, Heaven
GaganavihaareeWanderer in the heavens
GagandeepA Lamp In The Sky
Gajaanan / GajananElephant-faced
GajanandLord Ganesh
GajbaahuWho has strength of an elephant
GajendraElephant King (Lord Airavat)
GajendranathOwner Of Gajendra (Lord Indra)
GajkaranLike ears of elephant
GajpatiMaster of elephant, Ganesha
GajvadanName of lord Ganesha
GamanTo Go
Gambhir / GambheerDeep, serious
GanakAn astrologer; Mathematician
GanapatiLord Ganesha
GanarajLord Of The Clan
GandharajKing Of Scent , Sandal - Wood
GandharvMaster in music
GandharvaMusicians Of Gods
GaneshSon Of Lord Shiva & Parwati , The Elephant -Headed God
Gangaadhar / GangadharOne Who Wears Ganga, lord Shiva
GangaduttGift Of Ganga
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